Nik von Frankenberg

Nik von Frankenberg
IRF Speaker & Host

Immersed in music since childhood, Nik von Frankenberg has developed a knack for finding new and exciting music from an eraly age. He was heavily influenced by the pirate radio-landscape in London, soaking up the feverishly rapid progression of electronic music that took place during the 90ies. As a fledgling DJ and producer of all things electronic, he co-founded a radioshow for Radio X, a local station in his Hometown of Basel, Switzerland. Taking up the position as head of music, he was responsible for the musical personality of the station, developing a versatile alternative to the the top-40 dribble usually present in FM-radio. After eight years at the helm, he sought new challenges and is currently focusing on his own musical projects and innovative new formats of broadcasting, such as podcasting and ventures like the International Radio Festival. www.tobiasstahel com #irfradiofest #irfradiofaces #tobiasstahel www.tobiasstahel com #irfradiofest #irfradiofaces #tobiasstahel www.tobiasstahel com #irfradiofest #irfradiofaces #tobiasstahel www.tobiasstahel com #irfradiofest #irfradiofaces #tobiasstahel
Nik von Frankenberg Nik von Frankenberg
Nik von Frankenberg Nik von Frankenberg
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