Eddie Piller

Since the beginning of this year London’s Central community has finally its own radio station and herewith a voice: Soho Radio. The station’s studio is uniquely positioned in their own shop in Great Windmill Street where you get served coffee, tea, biscuits and of course good music. The aim is to reflect the culture of Soho in every possible way: Bringing together musicians, artists, film makers, chefs, poets and the generally curious. From world class talent such as Boy George, Howard Marks and The Cuban Brothers to local piano tuners. The award winning veteran broadcaster, legendary DJ and founder of Acid Jazz Records, Eddie Piller hosts his show on Thursday evenings and expands his listeners’ musical horizon including nuggets from the world of Soul, Jazz, Folk and Reggae.


Eddie Piller’s IRF Radio Show

Eddie Piller Eddie Piller
Eddie Piller Eddie Piller

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